Friday, February 29, 2008

"So real"

Images of the daily life of the people living in Happy Lnd in Tondo Manila and a patch of land called "Ulingan" where they make charcoal from scrap wood salvaged from the adjacent garbage dump. The landscape may be surreal but the faces and the smiles are real.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

South Cotabato: Hot Days, cold nights

I spent a few days in North and South Cotabato chasing KC Concepcion, US Ambassador Kenney, and the MILF brothers.Being a predominantly muslim province, I literally spent cold nights inside my hotel hugging my cameras for company. The days were really hot and humid . I ate a lot of Deep-fried Dalag with rice and Tolang dalag for breakfast and fresh kinilaw na isda, seaweeds, shrimp and sometimes fat crabs for lunch.The MILF politburo on the other hand never failed to bathe us in piping-hot native brewed coffee even under that raging hot sun.