Saturday, April 29, 2006


Justice for Nicole

GO directly to Jail

WOmen protest outside the Makati City Hall, where the case against the U.S soldiers is being heard

U.S. soldiers accused of raping a 22 year-old Filipina attend their arraignment

Stop the Cha-Cha train!

U.S. soldiers accused of raping a 22 year-old Filipina attend their arraignment

Womens voice

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Women speak their minds

womens protest against poverty

Monday, April 24, 2006

The local Gaza Strip

Early in the morning of April 19, 2006, Demolition crews from the City Mayor's Office of Manila and elite SWAT members, spilled into the Baseco Compound, an informal settlement of more than 2000 impoverished families and attempted to demolish the homes of hundreds of families whose shanty homes are getting in the way of progress. The people showed resistance when they saw their homes slowly being torn to pieces. According to the residents, the government had not laid out any plans for their relocation. Elsewhere in the city during that morning, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was inaugurating a housing complex for the Philippine Military.:-)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Early morning.The residents of a disputed area in Baseco Compound tensely waits for the dreaded demolition teams out to destroy their homes

Hot morning sun

Children and other folks listen

A police officer shouts instructions to the residents moments before signalling the start of the demolition

The demolition momentarily stops

The residents make their stand against the destroyers

Like voracious termites, the destroyers dismantle a home

A woman gets caught in the middle of gun-toting cops in the pursuit for rock-throwing residents

Husband consoles his wife and kids in their home as they await their turn to be shooed away by the demolition crew

A typical house in the area

A desperate woman in quiet rage over the ongoing destruction of their houses

SWAT members recovers molotov cocktails allegedly found inside the houses

Reinforcement from SWAT teams prowl the compund as the demolition goes on

residents jeer at advancing demolition teams

Residents from the better half of the Baseco compound watch as demolition teams prepare to demolish on the other half

Children atop land filled with garbage from around the Metropolis

Residents man the perimeter fence guarding the disputed area

Shanty town: The people get their daily supply of water from water servers sprinkled inside the compund

The Baseco comp0und a settlement along the Manila Bay and home to thousands of impoverished Filipinos