Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Row four images #01

Langistik Man: A protester attempts to put a comic twist to the already twisted economics of skyrocketing prices of fossil fuel.

NO TO OIL PRICE HIKE: The militant women join the protest

DEEP "TOTS" .This young child learns the realities of life from the protesting public utility drivers.

Coming Soon: ROW 4 Images

It's been quite a while since I have last posted new images on this blog directly.I got bitten by the multiply fever and then the facebook apps. Nothing beats this blog, it's quiet and has an air of calmness to it.
I noticed that when you make some small adjustments in multiply and facebook...the whole world is roused from sleep.

The good news is, I have gone back to school to learn about photojournalism.

One score and seven years ago...I was hurled into photojournalism because I needed to work and be the breadwinner of the family.Photography was the only other skill I know next to drawing editorial cartoons that I felt would be a good dayjob. I (was) am really passionate and obsessed with photography and I felt that I can really visualize and present my ideas better with photographic images than I can with my drawings. Not that my drawing sucks but I am not really the better artist at younger sister is.

It was the heyday of picture agencies and photojournalism...The Marcos regime was on the very edge of collapse.One breaking news led to another in a vicious whirlpool which sucked my tender years,until it spewed me out like a projectile into the present.

My kids have grown up to be emerging artists too and I realize that I have nothing concrete and structured to teach them...only experiential knowledge.

Looking back, I know I have learned the ropes of photojournalism out in the streets, infron and behind the picketlines, up on the hills, and deep in the urban ghettoes. It's time to go back to school, wipeout my pre-conceived notions, and start with a clean slate.

Photojournalism, it's responsibilities and moral obligations have evolved a lot. I am positive that I will relearn it with got a timely scholarship from the Asian Center for Journalism which works closely with the World Press Photo.

In the next postings, you will see the output of a year of my studies via online and on-campus learning sessions.

Hopefully, this won't be a view from the fourth row.