Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The WIld Wild West

About two decades ago, these children playing without a care in the world wouldn't have been possible. These kids live in a mining community on Mt. Diwalwal which in the not too distant pasr was populated by denizens of the underworld, lost commands, and anybody who in some way have lost their will to live among us and chose to search for gold elsewhere. In the 1980's a gold rush in Mt. Diwalwal gave birth to a town where guns and gold ruled. Gun duels were everyday fare and the death toll kept rising. It was a survival of the fittest.
Today , there is peace and women and children need not live in fear.There is a schoolhouse. a health center, and an economy built on gold revenues.
The only real problem is with iver a 100,000 population and without a real eco-government policy, Mt.Diwalwal might soon become an ecological nightmare.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quiapo Sunday

Fresh vegetables for a salad, DVD's for an afternoon couch potato session. I found "I 'm Not There".A really good movie about and not about Bob Dylan's life and works.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lumix in the streets

At first I was so frustrated because my timing was off...the shutter took a longer time to capture the images as I walked the streets of Quiapo. After a while...the world around me seemed to slow down as I reversed the process. I remembered the movie "Matrix" as I consciously weaved in and out of the hustle and bustle that was Quiapo. As my sweat began to break so did my fear. This camera is fantastic!!!! Very stealthy because it makes no shutter sound at all, the body is all black and the lens has a HUGE opening at f2.0-2.4 and with the 28-90 mm Leica Vario-Summicron lens...the DMC LC-1 is perfect for street photography.hehehehe I found a jewel at last. But of course...the little M4 on my other shoulder is still the king!