Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reaching out

An International team of doctors onboard the USNS Mercy medical ship

Women wait in line for medical treatment during a medical mission in Zamboanga City

children reach out for handclasp items from the USNS Mercy during a humanitarian medical mission in Zamboanga City.

The Mercy

A curious kid is dwarfed by the tall U.S. Soldiers who were part of the Humanitarian Medical mission by the USNS Mercy, a 900 foot long Medical Ship of the United States of America

Monday, May 29, 2006

A young Muslim woman hams it up.

Muslim men and women wait for free medicines

Monday, May 22, 2006

The new issue of NEWSBREAK magazine is now available in the stands (i shot it '-))

Raindrops keep fallin on my head.

The rainy season is back and together with it came not the rumble and crashing of lighning bolts but the ground-shaking arrival of heavy machinery and a beehive of workers poised to forcibly demolish another informal settlement of the poor.This little girl welcomes us to the aftermath

The partial portrait or the Germo Family. Mr. Germo, the head of the family of five smaller families was a carpenter. When he retired about 20 years ago, he built this house for his growing family.Their house stands on Government property and was allowed to settle here during the term of then President Corazon Aquino.The time has come for him to settle elsewhere, the demolition of their community signals the start of a road-widening project of the government.

Their predicament; the family has staked a major part of their meager earnings in improving their home and there is no talk about where the government is planning to resettle them .School opening is barely a month away, the rains have come and there will be no roof to protect the brood....especially the children.

Hot pot of rice

Kids rummage through the debris, looking for lost belongings

A family's clothesline.

Resting after a night of rain.

AN early morining view of Road 10 in Navotas. Site of a forcible demolition to give way to a road-widening project of the government

A young tot is forced to carry big chunks of concrete from their demolished home.

Third generation Germo. The kids comprise more than half of the family. Most of them are sick.The impending rains will not ease the situation

Inside the Germo's partly demolished home

The Germo Family: The Patriarch at left and his son.Their house is next in line for demolition and he is asking for help from whoever can ease his family's uncertain plight.

the potty, or what's left of it

A little girl sits among their family's belongings

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A weekend voyeur

Preparing for a nights performance.

Transexual performers

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's all in the picture

Nothing to say here. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When I was small, and christmas trees were tall,

We used to love while others used to play.

Don’t ask me why, but time has passed us by,

Some one else moved in from far away.

Lyrics from an old song ....but not appropriate for todays issues...lets look for a more fitting theme.

Into the streets May First,
Into the roaring Square
Shake the midtown towers,
Shatter the downtown air.
Come with a storm of banners.
Come with an earthquake tread.
Bells hurl out of your belfries.
Red flag, leap out your red.
Out of the shops and factories
Up with the sickle and hammer.
Comrades, these are our tools:
A song and a banner.

From our hearts roll song,
Banner leap up and be free
Song and banner together.
Down with the bourgeoisie.
Sweep the city forward.
Today is a barricade.
We hurl the bright bomb of the sun,
The moon like a hand grenade.
Pour forth like a second flood.
Thunder the alps of the air.
Subways, roar out our millions.
Comrades, into the square.

Copland's setting won the Workers Music League/New Masses May Day song competition.
Blitzstein's music was later used, with new words, in the Memorial Day Parade that opens
Act II of Leonard Lehrman's completion of his opera, Sacco and Vanzetti.

First of May

Mayday Colors

Workers and Police meet up

Mighty Worker

Initial Adrenalin Rush

Armed to the teeth

Presidential Guards

Heavily fortified street leading to Presidential palace.

Bug-like Presidential Guards

"NO Rally" Land