Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NOSTALGIA: Streets of San Francisco

These are literally off the wall crude reproductions of a series of images of San Francisco. In 1988, at the height of my photojournalism career and right after the mythical Edsa uprising of 1986, my image gathering screeched to a stop. It seemed a momentary disturbance in time and space affected me
Almost a decade had blurred past me after I engaged myself into this calling and somehow it emptied me out. Taking a forced sabbathical from the frenzy, I dived deep into another medium which will eventually take me to San Francisco in the Bay Area. I trained hard to be a key animator back in Manila with the Hanna-Barbera subsidiary, Fil-Cartoons and not long ....after another flurry of events, I got the chance to direct the characteranimation of my favorite characters, "The Simpsons" and "Felix The Cat" for interactive CDROM's for the Mac and windows platforms.
It was real fun and a good opportunity to study...it was a gift to be inthe Multimedia Gulch during the early years of multimedia and the Internet because at a certain point, my passion for photography was reignited by an old friend who was a resident artist of San Francisco. With his grant, I lectured about experiential photography at the SOMA .
I woke up one day with the decision that it was time to buy my first brand new Leica and a normal lens which I took to the streets producing the following images..


Sidney said...

Nice to see some of your earlier work.
You had photography in your blood, isn't it?

Luis Liwanag said...

yeah, that's whatI would like to think....