Friday, January 19, 2007

20 years Ago...

It has been 20 years since The Mendiola Massacre (scroll down way below to see my posting) and I realize that nothing has changed. I am still on the streets shooting and still have the same gear,wrappings and gadgets. It used to be that I don't leave home without my vhf-uhf multiband tranceiver..that strange looking unit with the long "larsen" rubber-duckie. I've had lots of spot news covered because my amateur radio friends sparsely distributed across the metropolis would crackle over the radio with live feeds on events near their whereabouts.Nothing new right?. Today we have the precious mobile phones. In the past we would even hack a radiotelephonep patch system with a radio shack Tandy computer and transmit small pictures or bitmaps to our server at the Agence France Presse Manila Bureau where I was working.I wouldn't leave home without 3 SLR bodies to go on assignments. Two cameras for the office loaded with color negatives and 1 for my own, with ektachromes (I was moonlighting for Gamma-Liaison on the side) We always used fixed lenses and Boy!!! they were really fine pieces of glass. One focal length for a particular kind of shot.I used 20 mm then. Now I lug a 10-20mm instead.

ANyway, I posted this pictures because in a few days The GMA News online will be featuring the works of photographers who covered the massacre ,
More of my ramblings later.
I have to go back to my work. ;-)

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