Thursday, February 15, 2007

Children's lives (be patient when loading)


Sidney said...

Powerful & painful images!

Anonymous said...

One of the pics got published in El Mundo/Spain, that's how I got in. dunno wht to make of all the how sad and poor kids commentaries; I've spent time with runaway kids in Berlin 94/95, for lots of 'em , just love them as they are; if it's true that by adolescence they're sniffing, Id like to make them see why not to; otherwise I'd like to learn from them, THERE ARE NO BETTER TEACHERS, the simplicity, (as far as possible) honesty, and straightforwardness of a kid combined with more life-experience than most adults! It's poor dubbing them poor Everyone 's got riches of some sort or another, sharing them is ideal. thanx,