Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Land, Tondo (digital)

Happy land... I have passed this small parch of land a dozen times already. Located a few hundred meters away from the old Smoky mountain but it was my first time to venture into this community housed in old warehouses converted into tenement styles housing. You can see a lot of kids hounding my camera while the older youth sniff their glue and solvent nonchalantly in small plastic bags.
This is uncharted territoty for me.


Sidney said...

Looks like a dangerous place! If you need a bodyguard you can always call me! I am a big guy and I will watch your back ! ;-)

Superb pictures as always!

Luis Liwanag said...

hshahaha. Yes in fact we can always go back there Sidney, I will be your lookout though.

Let's do it !!

Matt said...

I had the opportunity to tour Happy Land three weeks ago and as great as your photography is, no photos can do the place justice. The living situation is incomprehensible, I wouldn't dare call it humane. Pictures and videos could not possibly do it justice. It wasn't until I experienced it firsthand, seeing it with my eyes and smelling it with my nose that the level of poverty really began to sink in. Please everyone, take a minute to pray for the people of Happy Land. BTW, great photography!