Thursday, April 12, 2007


Gari B, practices loading film into a reel as he watches a movie about photography

strange paraphernalia

Members partake food amidst waiting film tanks

Jay signals start of the film processing workshop

jay agitates film tank in cold water buffer

Rain, wam and Kat seems to be in trance watching Jay

more agitation

I was shocked to read an article in the April 2007 issue of The Digital Journalist saying that the next quake in photography will be an intensity 10. Apparently, there is a movement going on in the newspaper circuit in the U.S. slowly easing out digital still cameras in the arsenal of photojournalists in the field and replacing them with HD video cameras .See article here

Not to be alarmed, a group of photography purists elsewhere in the world remains unfazed. In fact their dedication to traditional film photography is proof that despite everyday breakthroughs in digital photography, rangefinder cameras and film will continue to survive the painful revolution.


eric sales said...

di nanaman ako na-kapunta...ang masakit dito..tipong may long neck na brandy pa sa table...chaser,parodinal o fixer...
man, you folks had a great time..
kita-kits sa susunod...

Sidney said...

I think they are right! Everything points in that direction and it makes sense.

Sure film will remain. As an analogy there are still some (rare) people using ink, pen and paper to write letters. Some might even use more advanced techniques like a typewriter... but they aren't many left...

You can't stop technology... and nowadays it is going fast, too fast...