Monday, March 30, 2009

From Tony..

A snap from my friend Tony Remington during our photo outreach to Sitio Magdalena in Manila.A great photographer and friend, Tony is the real Film and digital renaissance man.

"Quiapo, Metro-Manila. Photographers Brennen whom i only recently met (LX3 man), and legendary Philippine photojournalist, my old buddy, that scumbag Luis Liwanag.

Just kidding about the scumbag part, it's really great to see Luis again. he's always great to talk too. he's the real deal."


Sidney said... look very skinny on this picture... you lost weight?

Retro Manila said...


Napadaan lang po.

Babalik-balikan ko tong lugar na to.


backpacking philippines said...

photojournalism, something I want to pursue as a style but still i'm crappy... i've read about about you somewhere but don't remember...